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Whether you are planning a small intimate gathering or throwing a large sumptuous celebration, it’s important to find the most suitable party band for hire. HARD TO HANDLE provide live entertainment for all types of events.

What is a party band?

When you make the decision to hold a party to celebrate, music will naturally be a key component of your function. There are essentially two options to consider – you can either engage the services of a DJ who will play a mix of music through a sound system, or you can do what an increasing number of people are doing and hire a live band. Party bands feature musicians performing a selection of live music. When you hire a live party band for your function, you will be able to hear music through a public address (PA) system. Most live bands also provide a lighting system, which will further enhance the atmosphere of your event.

Why hire a party band?

If you’re planning a party, there’s nothing quite like hiring a live band for your entertainment. The right band will play great music and will have your guests dancing the night away! Before you start searching for a band for hire, you might think that only larger venues can accommodate a band. Maybe the room you have hired doesn’t seem large enough for a live party band. You could also be worried that some bands play their music too loud. Or maybe you are staging your party in your own house and are worried about both available space, and sound levels.

Things to remember when hiring a party band

While it’s true that many function bands need a lot of space in order to set up their equipment and may not be suitable for smaller function rooms, the best party band should be able to provide an option to suit all types of function. If you are holding a smaller, more intimate event, you can expect the best party bands to be able to comfortably fit into the space provided, and play their music at an appropriate level. If your event is larger, a function band should be able to provide entertainment that involves everyone from the front of the room to the very back. Normally the party band will arrive with the sound and lighting equipment to ensure that everyone at your function can both see and hear the band. If you have any questions about a party band for hire, the bands’ management should be able to answer them adequately.

It’s important for you to feel confident that the party band for hire doesn’t just provide great music but is well organised and can meet your requirements in a professional and courteous manner. Of course, cost is a major factor when hiring party bands.

You may think that it would be too expensive to hire a band which performs regularly around the UK and overseas, but the best party bands know that it is important to be able to provide options for all budgets.

Why hire HARD TO HANDLE for your party?

HARD TO HANDLE are a live party band who perform at a diverse variety of private and public functions around the UK. You can hire the band to play at your:

  • birthday party
  • anniversary party
  • office party
  • christmas party
  • university summer party
  • street party
  • festival

…and many more!

HARD TO HANDLE are widely recognised are being one of the most entertaining party bands performing in the UK today. The band specialise in providing superb live entertainment, and whatever the occasion, you can be assured that HARD TO HANDLE won’t disappoint.

If you have been searching for a party band for hire, consider this:

HARD TO HANDLE are a full time band. Most party bands advertising online perform only part time. Because HARD TO HANDLE are professional, their expertise means that you can rely on the band to surpass your expectations, whatever your requirements.

HARD TO HANDLES’ have dedicated management. It is our job to provide you with the information you need to enable you to decide on the live entertainment component for your party. Whether your question is about the type of music, how long the band play for, or generally what to expect from a party band, contact HARD TO HANDLES management – we can help!

Do you have specific requirements? You may have a favourite song you’d like to hear, or you may want the band to start playing at a certain time. When you are looking to hire a live party band, you may find that some are inflexible and won’t accommodate your request. Talk to HARD TO HANDLE. We will work with you to ensure that your event goes with a bang.

The best mix of music – guaranteed. HARD TO HANDLE realise that it’s important for a party band for hire to play music that your guests will enjoy. That’s why, when you hire HARD TO HANDLE band, you will hear just the hits. Something for everyone!

Hire Hard to Handle Band for your Party.

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