University & College Balls

Professional Live Band & Free DJ!

In our considerable experience, there are two types of university of college balls – those with lecturers attending, and those without. Those with lecturers and other faculty staff in attendance are a lot of fun. Everyone gets dressed up and sits down for some sophisticated food, quaff wine, listens to some humorous anecdotes and speeches and maybe let loose a little on the dancefloor before carriages home. Splendid. Those events without lecturers present can be summed up with one simple word – CARNAGE. Predrinks turn into a major session, can’t even face the food, sweaty mess on the dancefloor, Rugby Soc fights, toilet accidents and waking up next to someone who wants to be your boyfriend / girlfriend / whatever.

Been there, done that.    

But spare a thought for literally the only person not enjoying themselves on the night – the event co-ordinator. Regardless of whether you are part of the Events Soc or just the person nominated to least as most mature / least likely to have a nervous breakdown during the event preparation, you are the great unsung heroes of university and college life – we know that, you know that, and it’s about time you got the respect you bloody well deserve! You deserve to be honoured with doctorates and blank chequebooks…but until that happens, give your stress levels a break and hire HARD TO HANDLE band for your university ball.

We’re happy to perform the music you’d like to have performed. We have boundless energy and a desire to entertain. We play up to two hours of live music AND provide you with a free DJ to keep the party vibe going until the end of the night. You are also more than welcome to use our sound system and microphone for those interminably dull speeches by your so-called superiors on the teaching staff. And regardless of whether your theme is “sophisticated” or “carnage” or somewhere between, you can rely on HARD TO HANDLE to provide your guests with top quality live entertainment, all night.

–          Professional three piece function band

–          Available UK wide

–          2 hours of live band music

–          Choose your favourite songs from our 350+ song playlist or ask us to learn requests

–          Perfect for fancy dress / theme nights

–          Live DJ playing sets before, in between and after the live band

–          Sound system and lights

–          Full dance floor

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Whether your function is focused and intimate or lavish and designed to make an impact, you can rely on HARD TO HANDLE band to create the right atmosphere.

Hire Hard to Handle Band for your Graduation Ball.

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