Wesley and Anthea, Swancar Farm Country House, Nottinghamshire

hard to handle band

Midweek wedding receptions can be interesting. One would think, being a school night, that guests may not be in the mood for a party. Imagine then, the prospect of a Monday night wedding reception!

That’s exactly what we had this October, performing for Wesley, Andrea and a guest list of just 65 at Swancar Farm in Nottinghamshire. A Monday night and a small group of people – a recipe for a real damp squib of an evening, surely?

Not so. Luckily for Wesley, Andrea and family and friends, they had hired Hard to Handle band! From the first dance (“I’ll take it from here”, Justin Timberlake) until the last song (“Walking on sunshine”, Katrina and the Waves), we had everyone one the dance floor. Wesley told us:

“We would like to express our thanks and gratitude to the band for making our special day even more memorable. They arrived and set up without us even realising, which meant we didn’t have to worry about this during our big day. The sets were fantastic and really encouraged our guests to get up and dance (which they did), and they also learnt our first dance song with a few weeks notice too! Fantastic day and really happy with Hard to Handle! Thanks guys.”

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Wesley and Anthea, Swancar Farm Country House, Nottinghamshire