Wedding Band Barnstaple

Professional Live Band & Free DJ!

Barnstaple Wedding Band Entertainment – Live band + Free DJ

Wedding experts – that’s us! Sounds cheesy, but we’re a million miles away from the cheesy wedding entertainment band you have probably found (and groaned at) online. You know the type – wannabe famous vocalists prancing around the stage while anonymous musicians look awkward and bored behind them. No thanks. HARD TO HANDLE BAND, by contrast, are three professional musicians with a tonne of personality and superior musical ability, dedicated to delivering real live band entertainment for you and your guests.

  • Professional three piece live band featuring male vocals
  • Massive playlist
  • 2 hours of live indie, rock, pop, soul and more
  • Free live DJ playing sets before, in between and after the band
  • Sound system and lights
  • Request your favourite songs
  • A full dance floor!

Who We Are And Who We’re Not

HARD TO HANDLE are a professional three piece live function band, perfect for smaller functions, though we have performed at large events of over 1000 guests. Most of our bookings however are to audiences of 500 or less. Some bands dread playing to smaller groups of people, but we love to create a rapport with guests at wedding receptions, birthday parties and other functions. We find the best way to do this is to play 2 hours of high energy music that you’ll recognise straight away. So – no obscure songs, no slow songs (apart from maybe your first dance), no inappropriate songs, just songs that we know you love. How do we do this?

You Choose

You get to choose the music we play! It sounds like a simple concept but many bands still haven’t realised that the best way to create a great nights’ entertainment is to talk with clients in advance to find out what music they would like to hear – and of course, what music they would rather not hear. But this is what HARD TO HANDLE BAND do. You can choose a mixture of songs from our 350+ song playlist AND request other songs for us to play too. Promo video:

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Where we play

You can hire us to perform at your wedding reception, birthday party or business function at any venue set up for live entertainment in Barnstaple or North Devon such as the Cedars Inn, Ash Barton Estate, Tawstock Court, Westcott Barton, Barnstaple Guildhall, or outside if you’re lucky enough to have access to private land and want to recreate that summer festival vibe for your event! And remember, because we are a three piece band, we can set up quickly and in a smaller space than larger bands. 

Listen To The Music

We feel confident that you’ll want to find out how to hire HARD TO HANDLE BAND, but please feel free to listen to our music and watch our videos to get a taste of the full show. You’ll find all of our videos and MP3s on our Music page.

Hire Hard to Handle band in Barnstaple

Get in touch! For enquiries or just to find out more about Hard to Handle band, fill in the form below. We aim to respond within 24 hours. If you haven’t heard from us by then, we may not have received your enquiry so please call us direct on 0796 433 5657.