Mates’ band = divorce


Mates’ band = divorce

Mates’ band = divorce

Just like the inexorable movement from day to night, each summer we seem to have the same conversation with several would-be clients looking for live entertainment for their wedding reception. For a moment, pretend you’re them. OK? Good. The conversation goes like this:

YOU: “Hello, I wonder if you can help. We’re looking for a live band for our wedding reception”.

HARD TO HANDLE BAND: “Hello, we will certainly help if we can! When are you holding your wedding reception please?”

YOU: “August 18th.”

HARD TO HANDLE BAND: “So that’s Sunday 18th August next year?”

YOU: “No, this year.”

HARD TO HANDLE BAND: “Ah, sorry but we are already booked and have been for about eight months. May I ask, is there a reason for you looking for a band at this late stage?”

YOU: “Well, we asked our friends who play in a band and they said they could perform for us for £300, but now they have just broken up so we’re looking for a band. As we have only £300 left in our budget, can you recommend any bands?”

Oh dear.

Economising is a great idea. Sticking to your wedding budget is also a good idea. Cutting corners by hiring amateurs – not so much. Would you hold your wedding reception at you friends’ house simply because he or she has the space needed to host you and your guests? Would you serve your guests fast food and supermarket drink? Of course not.

So when it comes to wedding entertainment, if you do decide to hire friends to play, don’t be surprised if you find yourself having the above conversation while beads of anxious sweat roll down your face. It’s not a good look.

Alternatively, for your 2019 / 2020 wedding entertainment, talk to an entertaining, versatile and reliable professional band with a great reputation – HARD TO HANDLE BAND. Call us direct on 0796 433 5657. We look forward to hearing from you!