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Planning your wedding reception? Hosting a birthday party? Hiring live entertainment for your business event? Congratulations! Whatever the reason, if you have decided that your function needs a live party band, looking online for entertainment makes sense. Once you have spent a little more time searching band and entertainment agency websites, however, things start to become a little more complicated – a bewildering  number of bands advertise themselves as suitable for your function, many of them seem to sound exactly the same, and it’s not entirely clear where they are based.

  • Professional three piece local live wedding band, function band
  • Perfect for small to midsized functions in and around Birmingham
  • 2 hours of indie, rock, pop, soul and more
  • Massive 350 song repertoire
  • Choose your favourite music to create your own personal playlist
  • Live DJ free of charge
  • Sound system + lights
  • No entertainment agency fees
  • Contract for stress-free booking
  • Entertainment all night
  • Full dance floor!
  • Recent performances at New Hall Hotel, Highbury Hall, Holiday Inns, Birmingham Civic Banqueting Suite, Fazeley Studios, Vox Resorts, Shustoke Farm, Botanical Gardens, The Blue Piano and more


Small but perfectly formed

If you have found us, you have probably searched Google for “wedding bands Birmingham”, “Birmingham wedding band entertainment” or similar. We’re guessing that you spend the next half an hour trawling through the plethora of entertainment agency websites trying to find a band that stands out from the crowd, then possibly got slightly disheartened when you discovered that most of the bands on wedding entertainment agencies pretty much all look and sound the same.

Is that funky eight piece band featuring multiple backing vocalists, a brass section and some random guy standing at the back of the stage playing an instrument you don’t even recognise really appropriate for live music entertainment for your wedding reception? Can you imagine your wedding guests dancing the night away to them? Well, here’s some good news – Birmingham band HARD TO HANDLE BAND are the refreshing alternative to some of the large, expensive events wedding bands advertising themselves as being suitable to provide live wedding entertainment in Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Our classic live line up includes male vocals, guitar, bass and drums (and a little bit of keyboards). We’re a three piece band but we all sing, which means that we create a very full sound but can fit into performance areas that large Birmingham wedding bands can’t, leaving plenty of room on the dancefloor for your guests. Having a three piece band also means that we can set up, soundcheck and be ready to play a lot quicker than larger bands, which is important for time-critical functions such as wedding receptions where there is a short amount of time between the end of wedding breakfasts and the arrival of your evening guests – especially if the father of the bride takes a little longer with his speech than you anticipated!  

Brides and grooms and other clients who contact us usually tell us that they have spent hours and hours trawling through websites including entertainment agencies and Birmingham bands which all seem to show somewhat boring bands featuring shrieking X-factor wannabees backed by forgettable musicians playing funky versions of songs. And if you’re looking for large wedding bands, that’s great. But they all seem to do the same thing and want to charge a ridiculous amount for it! All things considered, hiring a smaller band who still pack a punch, featuring professional musicians who make all the music they play sound great AND entertain wedding guests all night totally makes sense.

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Let’s keep it local

Local is good. Local is great. Unfortunately, many live wedding musicians and wedding bands advertising themselves as being local are actually based outside the area; wedding bands who though they may well travel to Birmingham to provide music for your wedding reception or party, they will almost certainly charge you for the privilege. On paper, this sounds fine – many wedding service providers often travel distances to do their job, and you may be happy to pay extra for the band you hire to travel, but what happens if they don’t take into account traffic issues and fall foul of motorway traffic or break down? You may have to wait for them to arrive, meaning your guests might start to leave before your wedding entertainment arrives. Not a good look! HARD TO HANDLE BAND provide top quality live entertainment at wedding receptions, birthday parties, business functions and other events throughout Birmingham, the Black Country and West Midlands. You can hire a professional, entertaining and reliable band to create that “wow” factor without breaking the bank. Based in the region, we’re local, meaning that you don’t have to hire a band from London, Manchester or further afield.

Indie, classic rock, pop, soul and more – you choose

Fortunately, you have found HARD TO HANDLE BAND! As you can see, we’re a little different to many Birmingham wedding bands. We’re a hugely talented and entertaining three piece Birmingham based male vocal band performing a mix of non-cheesy wedding entertainment music from the 1960s to modern charts in a high energy style. We have lots of onstage personality and all the music we play will keep you and your guests on the dance floor all night. Best of all – you get to choose your favourite songs from our massive playlist. There are over 350 songs in our repertoire which we’re constantly adding to, and we’re happy to take requests which means we will just play the music that you and your guests want to hear. Here’s an idea – why not ask each of your wedding reception guests to request a song? It’s a great way of getting them involved, plus it personalises your wedding and there’s no better way of getting them on the dancefloor.

Here’s where things get even more interesting. Unlike some other bands from Birmingham, we won’t try to “upsell” you. We don’t have additional line ups featuring brass sections and extra backing singers. Why? Because as professional wedding musicians we don’t need to add extra members in order to create a full sound! We also won’t try to sell you a DJ service. Why? Because we provide a live DJ free of charge as standard on every booking! Our DJ plays before, in between and after the live band sets to continue the party vibe and ensure your guests remain on the dance floor. Our wedding DJ also personalises the sets to ensure your favourite songs are played.

A few words for Birmingham and West Midlands non-wedding party planners

You’ve made it this far and you’re not planning your wedding reception? We’re impressed. With all this talk of wedding bands, it might seem like that a live function band only wants to play at wedding receptions. It’s not true of course, but we’ll be the first to admit that as the wedding industry is a huge business, it make senses for us to advertise ourselves to brides and grooms. The flip side of this is that there have been live bands that have been set up cynically by wedding entertainment agencies just to cater to what is assumed will be appealing to wedding couples and their guests – often large bands wearing glitzy clothes, playing extended funky mixes of modern hits and charging exorbitant fees.

If that’s what you’re looking for, good luck to you, but these types of bands aren’t always appropriate for many functions. If you’re planning a birthday party or small function, you may not want to break the bank hiring a party band featuring musical divas that has had all the fun polished out. Similarly, if you have been tasked with organising your workplace Christmas party in Birmingham, you might want to put your own personal stamp on proceedings this year by hiring a high energy, versatile and entertaining live band, as opposed to the last few years of bland musical offerings. Are we right? Of course we are. So now’s your chance to impress your friends and colleagues by hiring HARD TO HANDLE!

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