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Sweaty DJ – Hard to Handle band news

It’s that time of year again – you spend most of January recovering from the excesses of Christmas and new year with a vague sense of dissatisfaction at your inability to go through one week without keeping to your resolutions. If you’re planning your wedding reception, party or function, this will be inevitably compounded by the nagging suspicion that it’s 2018 already and you still have a whole heap of planning to do.

Far be it for us to tell you to get your skates on, but from our experience of being a popular and in demand function band, we know full well that while the early bird catches the musical worm, the tardy bird catches nothing. Which is to say – we have already been booked to perform at 47 wedding receptions and other events throughout the year, and though you may have found us, thought “ooh, they sound amazing and offer a really good service”, you may also have gotten distracted with work / children / nights out.

All of which means of course, if you leave hiring your live entertainment until a couple of months before the date, you will inevitably find that the only act available will be either:

– an X Factor reject with Mariah Carey delusions, or

– a monosyllabic sweaty DJ with a playlist that finishes at 1987, or

– the dreaded “my mate is in a band; he’ll ruin your wedding for £50”

Please don’t cut corners. Please don’t leave it too late. Take the stress out of your big day by hiring a reliable, affordable and entertaining professional function band performing two hours of dancefloor-friendly classic and contemporary live music AND DJ music at no extra cost.

Hire Hard to Handle band. How? Call us on 0796 433 5657 or email us at info@hardtohandleband.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you!