Unusual / crazy / disturbing first dance requests


Unusual / crazy / disturbing first dance requests

Unusual / crazy / disturbing first dance requests

(WARNING – contains self trumpet blowing)

When you’re as experienced and knowledgeable as Hard to Handle band, you’re often called on to dispense advice on wedding reception entertainment – timings, song choices, etc. While these questions (and many more) are usually asked by brides and grooms, every now and then we’re also asked by other wedding industry professionals looking to draw down on the experience of real professional gigging musicians.

Libby from The Wedding Secret is one such person. Her question was regarding alternative first dance requests – specifically what are the most unusual song requests we have received for first dances? Of course, each wedding reception is different but quite often the same first dance requests crop up. Each year, one or two particular songs capture the imagination of brides and grooms and inevitably we are asked to perform certain songs throughout the year.

A few years ago, “Chasing cars” by Snow Patrol was chosen by wedding couples. Then it was “Amazed” by Lonestar. More recently we have performed “Thinking out loud” by Ed Sheeran as a first dance many times – not that there’s anything wrong with choosing a popular song for your first dance; if the song means something special to you and your partner, go ahead and choose it! But equally, you might like to think about going down the road less travelled when it comes to your first dance.

We have definitely received some quite unusual song requests. How unusual? Try these on for size:

– “Enter Sandman”, Metallica
– “Sweet home Alabama”, Lynrd Skynrd
– “Don’t stop me now”, Queen
– “Angel”, Shaggy
– “All my life”, KC and Jo-Jo (our personal favourite!)
– “Maneater”, Hall and Oates
– “Don’t you want me baby”, The Human League
– “Gay bar”, Electric Six
– “Zombie”, Jamie T
– “Killing in the name of”, Rage against the Machine

If you’re feeling adventurous, but maybe not quite as out there as having “Gay bar” for your first dance, check out these suggestions compiled by the good folk at The Wedding Secret here:


…and for any other advice or enquiries, feel free to contact us direct on 0796 433 5657. We look forward to hearing from you!