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People of Brownhills, now is your time to shine. For too long you have laboured under the shackles of Walsall, struggling in vain for freedom while your larger neighbours takes your best and brightest, and  all the credit for your hard work. Well we say – no longer. Cast off the yoke of servitude. Celebrate all that is great about Brownhills! Embrace each other and love your life. Have a party. Have a wedding reception!

 Wedding receptions are of course a good idea, but until the good people of your town build the prestigious events and entertainment complex you all deserve, you’re going to hold your party in a venue a little further afield. As a local professional and experienced function band, we can recommend Fairlawns Hotel, Swinfen Hall Hotel, Bilston Brook Wedding Barn and Alrewas Hayes.  All of these venues are perfect for small to midsized functions such as wedding receptions, parties and business events, and in fact, so are HARD TO HANDLE!

Hopefully that wasn’t too painful a journey for us to start talking about HARD TO HANDLE function band and how amazing we are. So, if your wedding reception, birthday or college party or business event needs live entertainment to make it a night to remember, we’re definitely worth considering – much more cost effective than a large expensive events band who would probably struggle to set up all their equipment and musicians in most of the venues we have mentioned anyway. We’re also much more entertaining, with all three musicians working hard to make all of the music sound great. So whether we’re playing rock, indie, pop, soul or more, you’ll recognise every song.

Have you seen us play at your local pub? No? There’s a reason for that. Whereas amateur bands can be found playing on the pub and club circuit, professional bands such as HARD TO HANDLE BAND just perform at private hire functions around the West Midlands and Staffordshire area and further afield – we play at up to 95 bookings each year, actually. And while it may seem like a good idea to pay a pub-style band to perform at your wedding or party, you’re likely to discover that the music they play is either too loud, not appropriate, or they may cancel at the last minute. They’re also unlikely to hold liability insurance, which means that no private hire venue (like the hotels above) will let them perform. 

All of which means you’re much better off hiring HARD TO HANDLE BAND:

  • Professional three piece band
  • Based in the West Midlands
  • 100% live
  • 2 hours of band music
  • 350 song playlist including rock, pop, indie, soul and more
  • Chose your favourite songs for us to play
  • Additional free DJ provided with every booking
  • Sound system and lighting
  • More affordable than a large events band
  • No agency fees
  • Entertainment until the end of the night
  • Full dancefloor!
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