Keith and Magdalena, Nottingham University, Nottinghamshire


Nottingham wedding reception

Keith and Magdalena, Nottingham University, Nottinghamshire

Saturday was the first gig of 2015 in Nottingham, but not the last. This time we were hired by Keith and Magdalena to perform at their wedding reception in the Trent building, a large hall which has no doubt hosted lectures and talks by some very distinguished guests – and now it was our turn!

We elected to set up on the dance floor rather than the stage. Why? Well we have a saying in the band – we like to see the whites of their eyes. It may sound strange but the closer we are to an audience, the more we can interact with them and the rapport essential to be able to get as many people as possible on the dance floor as quickly as possible. Stages are great; floors are better.

The guests filed in to the far side of the hall, not yet emboldened to venture closer towards the band. But soon after we started, it was clear that this crowd were in the mood for a party, and we didn’t disappoint!

Keith agreed. He said, “great band, everyone on the dance floor, thanks!” – which is about as concise an endorsement as possible; but we’re not complaining as it’s always great to see people enjoying our performance.

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