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Buckinghamshire Wedding Band

500 brides and grooms can’t be wrong – choose HARD TO HANDLE wedding band for your Buckinghamshire wedding. 2 hours of rock, pop indie and more + free DJ! Non-cheesy, dance floor friendly, instantly recognisable music performed at Buckinghamshire wedding receptions by a professional wedding band is one of the things that males HARD TO HANDLE BAND a popular choice for Buckinghamshire wedding band music.

As an entertaining and versatile three piece live band, we believe we’re perfect for small to midsized weddings or parties where hiring larger bands in Buckinghamshire for weddings is unsuitable.

Venue size or budget often means that wedding band entertainment in the form of seven or eight piece party bands isn’t going to work. But hiring HARD TO HANDLE for your wedding band Buckinghamshire entertainment means that you and your guests can have an absolutely superb nights’ entertainment.

We are more cost effective than most of the Google results you have probably just seen when you searched for “wedding bands Buckinghamshire” or “local bands near me” and unlike some Buckinghamshire wedding bands we don’t mess around with lots of different (and confusing) line up options designed to get you to spend more money than you expected to – we just have one fee for your evening wedding reception. So, before we go any further, take a look at who we are and what we do:

  • Entertaining and versatile three piece live wedding band
  • Non-stop entertainment all night
  • Massive live band repertoire, perfect for weddings and parties in Bucks
  • 2 hours of classic and contemporary live band music – rock, indie, pop, soul and more
  • DJ performing sets to get the party started and keep it going FREE OF CHARGE
  • Choose from our 350 song live band playlist or ask us to perform song requests
  • Compact set up leaves plenty of space on the floor for your guests
  • Sound system and lights
  • Optional daytime acoustic music available
  • Contract for stress-free booking
  • Fully insured
  • No entertainment agency fees when you book direct here
  • Full dance floor, all night
  • Recent performances at Hedsor House, Notley Abbey, The Tudor Barn, Macdonald Compleat Angler, Holiday Inn Milton Keynes, Missenden Abbey, Horwood House, Stoke Park, Clifden Arms, Manor Farm Barn, Buckinghamshire Golf Club, Crown Plaza Marlow, Mercure Milton Keynes Hotel, Danesfield House, Taplow House and many more

Professional wedding musicians

May we make a suggestion? Don’t hire your Buckinghamshire wedding band or party band through an entertainment agency.

While it may seem like a good idea to browse agency websites when starting your wedding bands Buckinghamshire search, after a short while you may find your interest and focus waning as the appeal of looking at “572 live Buckinghamshire wedding bands” or “the best live Bucks bands for weddings” who all look and sound the same fades. And let’s face it, when it comes to wedding bands Buckinghamshire does seem to have a lot of bands who follow the same female vocal and nervous looking backing musicians line up, doesn’t it.

Wedding entertainment agencies would love you to enquire about one of these bands for hire because they are expensive, which means a larger commission fee for them.

Luckily, you have found HARD TO HANDLE BAND – we are a refreshing alternative to tired old function bands! As three professional wedding musicians, we are a great option for Buckinghamshire brides and grooms, with lots of onstage personality. We perform a massive mix of music and we guarantee you’ll love every song. Why? Because we let you choose the music. You and your guests can take a look at our 350+ repertoire and create your own live bands sets based on the songs you would like us to play. Rock n roll, indie, pop, folk or soul – it’s up to you.

It’s great way of getting everyone involved with the music because it means you know that all the songs we play will have been chosen by you! We’re sure you’ll agree this is a really good idea, but not all bands in Buckinghamshire for weddings subscribe to our point of view.

Rock, indie, pop and more

The mix of music is absolutely key to the Buckinghamshire wedding band you have chosen making a success of the evening, so please do take a look at our varied playlist.

As you can see, we have divided it into songs by decades to make it easier for you to choose your favourite music for us to play.

There’s classic and modern rock n roll, indie, pop and more, plus a large section of first dance suggestions we have performed, but hey, don’t be swayed by first dances that brides and grooms have asked us to perform – choose a special song which means something to the both of you and ask us to learn it. And as for the other music in our live band sets, in two hours we can play up to 34 songs, so you can request as many songs as you like.

You can also decide on the general theme for the evening music entertainment, like selecting lots of indie rock songs, or more pop or less rock n roll. The idea of course is to entertain as many of your guests as possible, and if your wedding receptions guests are of all ages and tastes, it makes sense to have something for everyone, and we’re sure you will agree that our party band playlist is large and varied enough to suite all tastes.     

Buckinghamshire hire band

Non-stop party entertainment

So what happens inbetween the live band sets? DJ music of course!

Some Buckinghamshire wedding bands might provide a basic music player for you, which is OK as long as you don’t want requests to be played during the DJ segments. Some wedding bands in Buckinghamshire might not provide any music for you during the bands’ breaks, meaning that you would have to hire a separate DJ, which means an extra cost to you.

But HARD TO HANDLE BAND have got it covered – when you hire us direct through this website, we provide a live DJ mixing songs when your evening guests arrive before the band starts, before and after the bands’ sets and until the end of the night, for non-stop party entertainment to keep that dance floor full. And yes, we provide our DJ FREE OF CHARGE.

No really, our DJ costs no extra. It’s all part of the service we provide! It also means that you don’t have to worry about where your band and DJ are going to set up all their equipment, as our DJ plays music through our top of the range sound system and uses our great lighting, leaving plenty of room on the floor for your guests.

Is HARD TO HANDLE the best live wedding band for me?

We’re glad you asked. Ultimately, that’s a question that only you and your partner can answer. But the best way to ensure you have hired the perfect live wedding band in Buckinghamshire is to find bands for hire, get an idea of what they offer, make a list of requirements, see which wedding bands fulfil them, make a shortlist and choose from there. Of course, that’s easier said than done when there appear to be so many Buckinghamshire wedding bands advertising their services and you may not be immediately aware of the type of function band you are looking for. But the best way to start is literally to dive right in and Google “Buckinghamshire wedding band”.

It will become apparent that some of the bands you have found aren’t unsuitable – maybe they’re too niche, only performing older wedding music, or they just don’t sound right to you. You can find this out pretty quickly by taking a look at their playlist or listening to their music. Your next step is to make a short list of approximately 10 bands who you like and request quotes. You can do this either by emailing them, completing a Contact form like the one at the bottom of this page, or calling the band.

You’re likely to see a wide variety of quotes. Some will be suspiciously cheap while other will be ridiculously overpriced. Cheap quotes may means that the band mainly performs on the pub circuit and expensive quotes are likely to be from large London-based international show bands or from entertainment agencies. But then there will be Buckinghamshire wedding bands who will fit your approximate budget…that is until you do a little more research and discover their hidden charges, like having to pay extra for DJ music during their breaks, or for them to learn and perform your first dance and other requests. You may even find they will want to charge you for travel.

Doing this sort of research in advance means that you won’t have a wedding headache as you approach your big day. So to help you make an informed decision about choosing the best live wedding band in Buckinghamshire for you, HARD TO HANDLE are more cost effective than most professional live bands, we provide a “one stop shop” of live band, DJ music, sound, lights and non-stop entertainment for one fee without any hidden costs. Our 300+ song playlist featuring many different genres and decades means there will be something for everyone, and when you take a look at our videos, you’ll see that we are a high energy live band with lots of personality and an infectious sense of fun which will get your guests dancing all night.   

Wedding band Buckinghamshire

Does your wedding band take requests?

Absolutely! What kind of function band doesn’t take song requests? Well, quite a few, as you will find out. There are plenty of wedding bands who subscribe to the mentality that they are professional musicians and know better than you the songs to perform at your wedding reception to get your guests dancing. They might even get a little indignant that you have the temerity to even ask. It might not matter so much if the bands’ live sets suits you and your guests’ musical tastes, but what happens if their set list features songs that you would really rather they didn’t perform? Will they be OK to rotate in other songs to make you happy?

Fortunately, this is a problem you won’t have to think about when you hire HARD TO HANDLE BAND – as a professional live wedding band with experience of performing to over 500 brides and grooms, we know that the only way to provide the best wedding experience is to play the wedding music you and your guests want to hear. So when you hire us, we will be proactive in asking you for song requests. You can choose from our massive playlist of classic and contemporary hits AND choose your own favourite indie rock, pop, folk, R n B and soul wedding music for us to learn and play.

Naturally, there may well be songs you would prefer us not to play, and that’s also fine, because it’s all about building a set list of live band music that’s personalised to your own tastes. Oh and by the way, the same also applies to our DJ sets! So don’t forget to ask your guests to suggest a song or two in the run up to the big day for us to incorporate.

How will my night work with HARD TO HANDLE?

Keeping in mind that timings can be subject to change (see below), when you hire HARD TO HANDLE, you can trust us to liaise with both yourself and your venue manager to ensure that a workable schedule for your evening wedding reception is in place. Before the party starts, we will set up our DJ and function band equipment. If we are setting up in a different room to your wedding breakfast, we will set up quietly and won’t sound check until after your speeches have finished. Our DJ will then perform a first set of music to welcome your evening guests and get everyone in the mood for a party. At a pre-arranged time we will announce your cake cutting, ensuring your guests have plenty of time to take photos, and then we will call you onto the floor for your first dance. From then on, we will alternate seamlessly between live band and DJ sets for non-stop entertainment all night. Take a look:


6.00pm: band arrive

6.30pm: DJ set while evening guests arrive

7.45pm: cake cutting

7.50pm: first dance and first live function band set

8.50pm: break for evening food / DJ set

10:15pm: second live function band set

11.15pm: DJ set

Midnight: finish  

We’re happy to change timings to suit your requirements, so if you’d prefer 3 x 40 minute sets, or a shorter first set and longer second set, that’s fine!

Buckinghamshire wedding bands

What happens if timings run over schedule?

As a bride or groom, you can spend hours meticulously planning every facet of your wedding day. You can produce colour coded spreadsheets accounting for every single minute from the point at which the best man wakes up the groom on the morning of your wedding until your last guest leaves the wedding venue, and make every member of your wedding party memorise it, but as any experienced wedding planner will tell you, weddings seldom run to schedule. Guests arrive late. Photos take longer than expected. Speeches might over run. All of this will have a knock-on effect later in the evening, so you might find that the window of opportunity for venue staff to turn around the room and the function band to set up after the wedding breakfast has narrowed.

Hire the wrong type of wedding band in Buckinghamshire – either a band too inexperienced to roll with schedule changes or a band that takes too long to set up – and you will find yourself in the unenviable position of your party starting a lot later than you expected, with less live music being played and the risk of things finishing before they really got started.

Experience counts. HARD TO HANDLE BAND know that flexibility is key to making a success of live wedding entertainment, regardless of what happens on the night. Compared to many wedding bands we have a very quick on-the-day set up, but we are also happy to change timings to suit the night; so it may transpire that we perform a shorter first set, break for your evening food, and then a longer second set. But whatever happens, we will always do our utmost to ensure that your guests spend the maximum amount of time partying to live music and DJ sets – because that’s what your evening is all about, isn’t it?       

If this is all sounding like exactly what you are looking for from a Buckinghamshire wedding band, get in touch for a quote or more information! Call us direct on 0796 433 5657 or use the contact form below.   

Hire Hard to Handle band in Buckinghamshire

Get in touch! For enquiries or just to find out more about Hard to Handle band, fill in the form below. We aim to respond within 24 hours. If you haven’t heard from us by then, we may not have received your enquiry so please call us direct on 0796 433 5657.