Coombe Lodge, Somerset


Last night at Coombe Lodge

Coombe Lodge, Somerset

Not the first time we have performed at one of Somersets’ nicest venues, Coombe Lodge is an impressive looking large – or huge, depending on your outlook – house nestling at the foot of the Mendip hills in Somerset.

The main room, which hosts both the wedding breakfast and evening reception, is long with a wooden floor – a room creating acoustics not always favourable to live band performances. Having played there previously, AND being a highly experienced professional live band, we know how to get the best sound from almost any room, and though we say it ourselves, we sounded great!

Alex and Eloise seemed to think so, too. Alex actually called us earlier on this year. In fact it was on the very night that we were actually playing at the venue, and after a lengthy chat about his requirements and how we could help him create the perfect atmosphere for the wedding reception, we were hired.

Unbeknownst to either, both bride and groom also contacted us in order to assist in special surprises they had planned for each other – Alex to perform a couple of songs on guitar for his bride, and Eloise to stage a dance with her bridesmaids just for Alex (lucky guy). Needless to say, we kept both secrets.

The first dance was “Nobody does it better”, the Carly Simon song, which we played with our customary panache, and the rest of the evening was a blur of frenetic dance moves, the guests partying as hard as they could to our selection of music. Alex even joined us on a couple of numbers; a definite highlight of the evening.

So, over to Alex: “Thanks for a blinding night- really enjoyable from start to finish. Everyone has said how great you were and I personally enjoyed doing a couple of numbers with you too! Really accommodating with the songs we did at the start (told you we would do our best to make you guys look good!). Hope you enjoyed it too!”

Thank you to everyone there from Hard to Handle band. If you would like to create a perfect nights’ entertainment, call us on 0796 433 5657.