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Poor Crawley. Over an hour away from London but still victim of London prices. Literally everything is massively expensive, and the larger the expense, the more expensive it is. Basically, it’s expensive. And this also extends to pretty much all of West Sussex – Horsham, Worthing, Bognor Regis…OK, maybe not Bognor Regis, but you get the idea. So when it comes to paying for your wedding reception, party or business function, you’re going to be paying hand over fist for services that would cost less had you been hosting your event further afield.

It doesn’t have to be this way, especially when it comes to live entertainment. Hiring a band from outside the area can be a good idea – it can save you money. Sometimes it can save you hundreds of pounds, freeing up your budget for other services. The key trade off of course is trust. Can you really trust a band from outside West Sussex to arrive in plenty of time on the day and not get caught up in traffic, causing you lots of undue stress?

Professional band

The short is “yes”, if you hire a professional band. Musicians who rely on performing at wedding receptions, parties and business events as their sole income are going to ensure that they set off early, allowing for motorway traffic and other potential delays. They will also have liaised with yourself and your venue several times prior to the big day to ensure that any everything from timings to how to load into the venue and song requests are taken care of in advance. 

If it sounds like we’re speaking from experience, we are! HARD TO HANDLE are based outside West Sussex, but as a professional band we are totally reliable when it comes to the logistics of performing at venues such as Cottesmore Hotel Golf and Country Club, Highley Manor, Brookfield Barn, Crown Plaza Gatwick, Brookfield Barn, Slaugham Place and more. In fact, many West Sussex wedding venues and hotels love the fact that HARD TO HANDLE are a three piece band because it means they don’t have to worry about changing your table plan to include a performance space for a large band.

Cost effective

When you contact us, you’re also going to be pleasantly surprised by how cost effective our quotes are. We don’t have an endless list of options for you to choose from – bands who do this are inevitably trying to get you to spend more than you planned on. What we DO offer is a live band AND a DJ to create a seamless nights’ entertainment. No need to hire a separate DJ; we’ll provide one free of charge, as well as a sound system and lights for a full on live entertainment experience!

  • Professional, entertaining, cost effective live band
  • 2 hours of rock, pop, indie, soul and more
  • Massive 350 song playlist
  • Choose your own requests
  • Free DJ
  • Full dancefloor
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