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Wedding? Birthday party? Business event? Summer festival? If you’re planning any of these, your choice of live entertainment is going to be a key component of its’ success. To create a truly memorable nights’ entertainment for your guests, you’re either going to need a reliable, entertaining professional live band or a DJ with an impressive array of lights and an expensive playlist. DJs are great. DJs’ are fine. But for that “wow” factor, there’s nothing quite like providing a live band for your guests – it says “I have gone the extra mile to impress and entertain you”. Hire the right band and you’ll have nothing but positive comments from your guests not just the next day, but the day after that, and the day after that and…you get the picture.

But what constitutes “the right band”? There are so many bands advertising their services throughout Leicestershire, and many of them seem to do the same thing and play the same music. What you really need is to find a live band who can put their individual stamp on the evening; a band that sounds great but have a little more onstage personality than some of the large somewhat anonymous and expensive events bands out there. After taking a look at our videos, listening to our music and reading our reviews, we reckon you’ll agree that HARD TO HANDLE are definitely the band you’re looking for.

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Performances at Leicestershire wedding and function venues

As a professional three piece band with over 500 gigs’ experience, we have a great reputation for delivering entertainment at small to midsized functions. We have performed at venues across Leicestershire such as Mythe Barns, Shearsby Bath, Keythorpe Manor, Prestwold Hall, Sutton Bonnington Hall, Brooksby Hall, The City Rooms, Hothorpe Hall, Catthorpe Hall, Stanford Hall, Sketchley Grange, Quorn Country Hotel and quite a few more. Clients who hire HARD TO HANDLE BAND love our eclectic mix of music (rock, pop, indie, soul and more from the 1960s to the modern charts with a 350+ playlist for you to choose songs from), our onstage energy and the fact that we provide a live DJ with every booking free of charge. We’re a lot more cost effective than large events bands, and all of our equipment is compact which means that we take up less space than most bands, allowing your guests to get on with the business of filling the dancefloor! We will also have spoken to you and the venue well in advance of the big day to ensure that everything is take care of beforehand – so we will have put together 2 hours of live music including lots of your song requests, we’ll know what time to arrive and when to start setting up, and when to kick off the party. We’re also flexible enough change things around, so if you find yourselves running late, don’t worry – we’ll ensure that everything still runs smoothly like a professional live band should do!

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