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Killer live indie, rock, pop and more, all night long. HARD TO HANDLE London wedding band music + free DJ. Slay your guests. Fill the dance floor. For that sweaty clothes, hoarse voice and aching feet morning after the best gig of your lives feeling.

  • Professional three piece London wedding band music
  • Non-stop music all night
  • Band + free live DJ provided when you hire us through this website
  • Rock, indie, pop, folk, soul, funk and more
  • Massive 350 song repertoire
  • Choose your favourite music (including your first dance)
  • No-cheese guarantee
  • More cost effective than a large events band
  • 100% live – no backing tracks or extra musicians needed
  • Quick on-the-day set up to get the party started sooner
  • Sound system and lighting rig
  • Fully insured
  • Contract for stress-free booking
  • No agency fees or hidden costs
  • Speak to the band direct
  • Perfect for small to midsized wedding receptions in central, north and south London
  • Full dance floor!

Wedding music for London

Wedding headache? We can understand. If like other brides and grooms you are using the internet for your wedding band London search, you have probably come to the conclusion that when it comes to wedding bands London has literally hundreds available to perform for you, many of them may sound OK but you may find that not all of them are a perfect fit for your requirements.   

Real live wedding band London music

Unlike many wedding bands London has to offer, we make no pretence at being sophisticated and glittery. We don’t turn all of the songs we play into interminably long funk jams. We don’t follow X-factor / talent show music trends. We just deliver songs that’ll make yourwant to dance all night. London wedding bands should have this as their motto. But they don’t, so hire HARD TO HANDLE as your wedding band London and let us show you how a real band entertains your guests.

You choose the music we play

No matter what the musical tastes of your guests are, we’ve got it covered. Having performed over 500 gigs, we have developed a massive playlist of super-eclectic music, encompassing edgy indie, classic and modern rock, pop anthems, plus some great sounding R’n’B, high energy soul and tight funk. The best part is that we only perform the music YOU want us to play, so if you’d prefer more indie and less pop, or more modern and less classic, that’s fine. We can even perform mini sets of Irish or Jewish music if required – it’s your choice! Just select music from our repertoire or choose your own favourite music for us to learn and perform at no extra cost. That’s not a service that all London wedding bands will offer free of charge.

Small wedding band, big sound

HARD TO HANDLE are a real function band. We haven’t been hastily formed by a wedding entertainment agency from a pool of random musicians who may not have played together previously (yes, that does happen – bands in London are sometimes assembled in this way, and if you hire a band through an agency there is a chance that this is what you will get). We perform London wedding band music week in, week out, so we are a tight sounding band playing high octane dancefloor friendly music. Brides and grooms love our big sound. We don’t use cheesy party band backing tracks or additional musicians, but as highly experienced and versatile musicians we know how to get the most out of our instruments, plus each band member possesses strong vocals, which combined with our guitar, bass and drums line up creates a very full sound.

London wedding band

More cost effective than a large London wedding band

There are some real advantages in hiring HARD TO HANDLE three piece London wedding band over a large wedding band in London, foremost of which is that we will always be more affordable. Why? Because paying bands featuring three wedding musicians is going to be more cost effective than paying London wedding bands featuring six, seven or eight members. In addition to paying all of those party band members, you may also have to pay travel and accommodation costs, whereas we don’t charge any extra fees. And also because most large wedding bands can only be hired through an entertainment agency, you will inevitably not only pay the band but a healthy agency commission too.   

Plenty of room for your guests to dance

Don’t make the mistake of looking at hiring wedding bands in London and then realising that there’s not enough room for the band to set up in. Large bands need lots of room to set up their equipment and speakers in. With space being at a premium in many London wedding venues, if you hire a large party band you may need to change your seating plan to accommodate them. Is that something you really want to do? We thought not! Hiring HARD TO HANDLE as your wedding band London means no such problems, as all of our equipment is compact, leaving plenty of room for your guests to dance!

Wedding band London

Large funk band? Nah...

Funk and soul. Soul. Funk. Funk/soul, funky soul, funk- soul, souly funk. Sometimes we think there must be a law dictating that wedding bands in London must only perform two genres of music – soul and funk. It certainly seems that way if you read the promotional information on London wedding bands’ website. Not only does all the music sound the same, but these bands seem to have the same amount of musicians (seven) with a glammed up female vocalist prancing around the stage, overcompensating for the personality-free backing musicians. Ouch! Did that hurt? Now don’t get us wrong – at HARD TO HANDLE BAND we love great musicianship, but once you’ve heard one party band performing their entire repertoire in a funked up style, you’ve heard them all. We know that guests feel the same way, too. How? Because they tell us. They say that they love the way all of the songs we play sound like way they were meant to. We don’t try to change the songs into a funk mix; we play them just like the originals so that guests recognise them straight way. If they recognise them straight away, they’ll get on the dance floor and stay there all night, and that’s what you hired us to do!

Music playlist for London weddings

Sorry, in our enthusiasm for the music we play, we’ve gotten a little ahead of ourselves. So let us properly introduce ourselves – we are HARD TO HANDLE – a highly versatile and entertaining three piece professional live wedding, birthday party and business function band with a massive playlist covering indie, pop rock, rock n roll and yes, funk and soul, including classic music and chart hits. When you hire us, you’ll recognise all the music we play. Why? Because you will have chosen much of it yourselves. Unlike many other London wedding bands and function bands in London, we value your input, so feel free to decide on the songs you and your guests want to hear, and we’ll perform them. We’re happy to learn songs that aren’t in our repertoire and we won’t charge you for learning them.

Summer festival-style live band + free DJ

In addition to 2 hours of band music (which can be split into 2 or 3 sets), we also provide our DJ SERVICE FREE OF CHARGE! That means your whole evenings’ entertainment is taken care of from the very first song until the end of the night – another great way of keeping your guests on the dance floor. If it sounds like we know what we’re doing, we do have experience in providing superb sounding band entertainment to brides, grooms, wedding guests and others throughout the London area; in fact we have over 500 gigs’ worth of experience! We are massively popular with people just like yourself looking for a refreshing alternative to the tired old party band / function band format. A bride told us that she loved HARD TO HANDLE because we reminded her of the sound of her favourite summer festival style bands, which sounds perfect to us!

How long does a wedding band in London play for?

The type of wedding bands London has to offer come in all shapes and sizes, so the amount of time a band will play for varies dependent on the band. Having said that, the industry standard is somewhere between 90 and 120 minutes, and this is usually broken into two or more sets. You can of course request that the band you have hired perform longer, but wedding bands will often charge for more playing time, as well as an early start or a late finish. Performance times will usually be arranged in advance, and just like other aspects of your evening party, it’s best to thrash out timings with bands for hire beforehand so that the band knows in advance when you expect them to start playing. Of course, when it comes to the actual gig, things might end up a little different. If your guests are really liking the band, showing their appreciation, and the band are enjoying the gig, they may play an encore or two without expecting additional payment. This something the best wedding bands will do. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little extra for free!    

How much do London wedding music bands cost?

Tricky question. What applies to the rest of the UK doesn’t necessarily follow in London. The capital hosts many large, prestigious corporate events, and as such many London wedding venues are expansive – their performance room are often huge, built to accommodate 1000 or more guests. Bands for hire who perform in these kinds of settings are usually what’s know and “international show bands” featuring 10 or more wedding musicians and including multiple vocalists, a brass section and dancers. And because their clients are usually large organisations, this type of party band or function band is so expensive as to put themselves well beyond the wedding entertainment budget of most brides and grooms. As a London bride and groom, you’re probably not searching for a large corporate events band or function band. Instead, you’re probably searching for something like a 3 piece band performing rock and pop / indie rock like HARD TO HANDLE, playing 2 hours of band music + free DJ. The good news is that we are a lot more cost effective than large corporate events bands.       

Should I hire a local London covers band for my wedding?

Conventional wisdom states that local is best. Hiring a function band from the same general area that you, your partner and guests are from means that you are more likely to have an affiliation with them – you’ll understand them, they’ll understand you and that’s how trust is created. But like many things, London is a little different, and many London wedding bands and live music agencies work on the assumption that your wedding entertainment budget is a lot healthier than that of brides and grooms based outside of the capital, and will artificially inflate their fees accordingly. Faced with this prospect, some brides and grooms choose to hire their wedding entertainment from outside the area.   

But we are here to tell you that just because you are holding your wedding reception in London, it doesn’t mean that you have to pay London prices for the best wedding bands. HARD TO HANDLE have one flat fee for our performance. We don’t charge extra for providing DJ music. We won’t charge any travel or accommodation fees. When you hire us, there are no hidden fees, and we feel sure that you will be more than pleasantly surprised to discover how cost effective our wedding entertainment is compared to other professional function bands for hire.   

So if you’re looking for a refreshing alternative to large expensive London wedding bands, get in touch! Call us direct on 0796 433 5657.

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