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Northamptonshire Wedding Band

High energy no cheese wedding band HARD TO HANDLE available for hire in Northamptonshire – 2 hours of rock, indie, pop and more + free live DJ. Wedding receptions in Northamptonshire have never been so much fun! Here’s who we are and what we do:

  • Professional live three piece high energy wedding and party band
  • Dance floor-friendly music and lots of onstage energy
  • Perfect for small to midsized wedding Northamptonshire weddings
  • 2 hours of indie, rock, pop, rock n roll and more
  • 350 song playlist
  • Choose your own favourite songs for us to perform
  • FREE LIVE DJ with every band booking
  • Sound system and lights provided
  • Optional drinks reception music available
  • No entertainment agency fees
  • Non-stop music all night
  • Full dancefloor!
  • Performances at Crockwell Farm, Dodmoor House, Dodford Manor, Rushton Hall, Deene Park, Mercure Daventry, Kettering Park Hotel, Harrowden Hall, and more

Browsing through the Google search result for “local wedding bands near me” or “wedding bands in Northamptonshire”, you would be forgiven for thinking that when it comes to wedding bands Northamptonshire has it all – large party bands, funky function bands, jazz duos, singing waiters – all based in Northampton and available for you to hire from wedding entertainment agencies for your wedding music.

In reality though, what the agencies aren’t telling you is that the majority of these bands from Northamptonshire for weddings are actually based further afield.

And while in theory there’s no problem with hiring wedding bands outside of the area, you would have to be confident that their travel arrangements are such that they arrive at your Northamptonshire wedding venue on time and don’t get caught up in traffic, because the less you have to worry and stress about on your big day, the better.

Unfortunately, though some wedding bands are a little less organised than others. Hopefully this won’t happen to you, but like other brides and grooms, you will no doubt want to ensure that the wedding band music you hire is organised, professional, versatile and of course highly entertaining!

Superb live wedding band + free DJ

Luckily, you can hire HARD TO HANDLE band for your wedding reception – with over 500 gigs experience, you can rely on us to provide superb live entertainment. Indie rock pop soul folk and rock n roll are all part of our set list, but you get to choose what we play for both live band AND DJ sets.

Finding the right wedding band

We understand. The process of hiring wedding bands Northamptonshire can be daunting. The first place to start for you and your partner is to decide on the style of music you would like to have performed.

You favourite songs, bands that you have seen, music that means something to the both of you. And no doubt you will also want to make sure that your guests are entertained, too, which, if like other weddings, you will be inviting a wide range of ages and musical tastes, might sound like a tall order.

You might find a wedding band who perform mainly indie or chart music and think that as long your friends of similar ages and tastes are dancing, that’s the best you can hope for – maybe if you hire a DJ to play older music, you can cater to your parents and people of that generation. But wouldn’t it be great to find wedding bands in Northamptonshire who will perform a broad enough set of songs to include absolutely everyone in your wedding celebrations?  

To get as many of your guests dancing as possible, hire HARD TO HANDLE – our repertoire encompasses a wide spectrum of musical genres from the 1960s to modern charts, and two things we always do is to ask for song requests in advance, so that all your guests have an input into the music being played, and we always “read the room” – meaning that one the night we respond to whatever the mood of the party is to ensure that the absolute maximum number of guests are on the dance floor. That’s something that only Northamptonshire wedding bands with our level of experience can do.

Wedding entertainment agency? No thanks!

This professionalism only comes from having performed at many, many different wedding receptions. It really makes sense to be able to hire a function band with experience who can ensure that your wedding entertainment is a complete success.

Of course, HARD TO HANDLE aren’t the only band who are experienced in performing Northampton wedding band music, as you will see it you visit an entertainment agency website and browse the wedding bands on offer.

But one of the problems with hiring a function band through an agency is that you will only get a brief overview of any band before being pushed to submit a quote request – the band profile might feature a few MP3 samples of their wedding music, a short example of a playlist and maybe even a video, but that’s usually not enough to give you a real feel of what the band can do to help make your wedding party a success on the night.

The other problem you will quickly notice is the expense of hiring a wedding band through an entertainment can often be quite prohibitive – not only will you be paying the band, but you will also be asked to pay an upfront commission to the agency as a condition of hiring. And while nobody would really begrudge a business service earning an income, you might discover that the agency aren’t exactly providing much of a service other than giving you the contact number of the party band once you have paid the commission.

After this point, you may struggle to get any other contact from the agency, which can be especially unhelpful if the wedding musicians you have hired turn out to be disorganised and uncommunicative.

Wedding band Northamptonshire

Talk to your wedding band direct

Now, we would like to think that we are a refreshing alternative to these type of wedding bands in Northamptonshire – our website features a lot of content for you – information on the band MP3s, videos, news, reviews, answers to frequently asked questions and more.

You will also find that we are helpful and provide more information when you submit a quote request either by using the website contact form or calling us direct – that’s because you will get to talk to a member of the band direct without having to go through a third party.

From our perspective, we value talking the time to talk to brides and grooms like you as it is a great way for us to gain an appreciation of your expectations of wedding band music and how we can tailor what we do, talking to you about on-the-day timings, song requests, the type of venue you have hired and other aspects of your wedding celebration.

You will also find that a major benefit of hiring a Northamptonshire wedding band direct is that you are much more cost effective than hiring a party band through an agency.

Small band, full sound

Another benefit of hiring HARD TO HANDLE is that we are not a large band. Does the size of function bands really matter to your wedding band Northamptonshire search? After all, a large band is going to sound better than a small band, right? Well in our experience, the size of band is absolutely crucial.

While you might think that hiring a band featuring six to nine wedding musicians is going to create a better sound than a small band, the sound that large bands for hire make can sometimes be overkill, especially if they feature a brass section – brass can sound great on soul songs, but, rock, indie and some pop, they can make songs sound way over the top.

And when a band has a brass section, the temptation is for them to play more soul and less rock and indie – not so good if you are hoping for a band to perform a wide variety of live music to suit all tastes.

Also, the more musicians there are, the louder the band becomes, which is a real problem if you don’t want to be blasted off the dance floor – that’s if you can even see the floor, because large wedding bands need lots more room, and if your wedding venue is one of Northamptonshires’ more intimate, then not having anywhere for your guests to dance is going to be a real problem if you hire a large party band. Oh, and did we mention the expense? More musicians means more money.

Hire large Northamptonshire wedding bands and you could see your entertainment budget eaten up even before they ask you to pay extra for DJ music.

Hiring a three piece function band with a compact set up such as HARD TO HANDLE means there will be plenty of room for your guest to dance, and we are more able to control the volume we play at while still having a very full sound, which keeps both your guests and the venue manager happy.

And as the icing on the cake, we are much more cost effective than most professional wedding bands Northamptonshire has to offer.

Northamptonshire wedding bands: let’s talk about packages

Let us say this quickly. We don’t have packages. We just have one service: amazing live band + song requests + DJ sets + sound system + lights. No travel, no hidden fees, just non-stop entertainment, all night!    

One of the questions we get asked most is “what are your wedding packages?” Like other brides and grooms, if you have done some research, you probably think that it’s a question it makes sense to ask. After all, just about every function band and for that matter every wedding service provider seems to present their pricing structure in terms of packages. But for bride and grooms looking for Northamptonshire wedding bands, what does this really mean?

Of course, some Northamptonshire wedding bands  and function bands genuinely have an array of different services to offer you, and that’s fine. But for other bands for hire, presenting packages for you to choose from amounts to little more than a money making exercise. You have probably seen the type of function band we are referring to advertising their services online. These wedding bands offer bronze, silver, and gold packages with commensurate prices by the side of the description of each package. When you see this, your first instinct is probably to identify the package which corresponds most closely to your wedding entertainment budget.

Taking a closer look, it might become apparent that the bronze package, while affordable, are hardly comprehensive as it probably features a smaller version of the function band with no added DJ service. Hire the bronze package party band and you’re unlikely to be satisfied. After all, a large band that needs a brass section and backing singers to get your guests dancing isn’t going to sound so good when it’s paired back to the basic minimum line up of musicians.

The silver package band may look more appealing, but of course the price is over your budget. Nevertheless, because the bronze package is too basic, the silver package is something you may find yourself considering (and as for gold package band, it’s just there as a reality check to say “no chance, in your dreams!”). Let’s face it, here’s always going to be someone having a more opulent wedding reception than you, but all that extra money doesn’t always equate to happiness.

HARD TO HANDLE believe that choosing the right wedding service provider is a fine balance between expectation, budget and quality. That’s why we don’t cut corners and won’t short change you. We don’t want you to feel like you’re having to spend more money than you wanted to on your wedding day and this is why we offer a one stop shop of 3 piece band performing 2 hours of wedding music with a set list including indie, rock, modern pop and more from the 1960s to the modern day, DJ sets, sound system, lighting and superb entertainment from your first dance until the end of the night! No packages, just one great service from a high energy, versatile, experienced and entertaining professional function band.   

So, if we sound like the perfect band for you, get in touch!

Hire Hard to Handle band in Northamptonshire

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