Staffordshire Wedding Band

Professional Live Band & Free DJ!

Staffordshire Wedding Band

Staffordshire wedding reception music – killer rock, indie, pop, soul and more + free live DJ from a real local band – HARD TO HANDLE. No agency fees, speak to the band direct. Professional covers band music never sounded so good!

Well, we like to think so, and in fact so do 500+ brides, grooms and other party planners; so much so that they have given us a 5* Google review rating, which is nice.

  • Professional three piece band
  • 100% live, no backing tracks or additional musicians
  • Perfect for small to midsized wedding receptions in Staffordshire
  • Rock, pop, indie, soul and more
  • Massive 350+ song playlist
  • Choose your favourite songs for us to perform
  • Live DJ free of charge
  • Lots of onstage energy
  • Non-stop music
  • Fully insured
  • Quick set up, no waiting hours for the party to start!
  • No commissions or agency fee to pay
  • More cost effective than a large wedding band
  • Keeps your guests on the dance floor all night
  • Performances at Pendrell Hall, Tamworth Castle, Swinfen Hall, Alrewas Hayes (Burton on Trent), Barlaston Golf Club, Blakelands County House, The Upper House, Dovecliff Hall, Drayton Manor Park and Hotel, The Chase Golf Club, Somerford Hall, Keele Hall (Newcastle under lyme), Uttoxeter Racecourse, Patshull Park Golf Club, Holiday Inn Stoke on Trent, Rodbaston Hall, Sandon Hall,  The Crooked House, and quite a few more!

You can hire HARD TO HANDLE BAND for your Staffordshire wedding band entertainment. Brides and grooms love our massive playlist of classic and contemporary live music from the 1960s through to the modern charts, plus our live DJ who plays sets before, inbetween and after the band to create a full night of non-stop indie rock pop and more live entertainment. In fact, we offer a lot more than other bands in Stafford for weddings at a more affordable fee.

Real live wedding band music for Staffordshire

This is what we do, week in, week out – we entertain wedding guests with our superb mix of high-energy, instantly recognisable dance floor-friendly live music.

We’re look and sound like a proper real band. So, what’s a “real band”? Aren’t all bands real? The answer to that is: not entirely. No doubt you found us by browsing the list of results from your local wedding bands near to me or wedding band Staffordshire search.

You probably found that the majority of results are for entertainment agencies advertising wedding bands in Staffordshire for weddings.

On one hand, hiring Staffordshire wedding bands from an entertainment agency seems like a good idea – their websites allows you to compare lots of wedding musicians and acts so you can decide on the styles of music and type of Staffordshire wedding band you would like to entertain you wedding guests with.

But just like other price comparison websites, agencies will be pushing certain function bands your way, and more often than not they are the more expensive ones, which also tend to be the larger function bands.

And with larger bands, you’ll often find that the band you thought you had hired looks substantially different to the band which arrives on the day. One or two key party band members will be present, but due to lack of availability, other wedding musicians will be drafted in to take the place of members who aren’t present.

Sometimes, it’s painfully obvious that these new party band members have not performed with each other previously. Hopefully the entertainment agency will have told you of the change of line up before your big day arrives…

Competitive fee

Nevertheless, you could always try hiring Staffordshire wedding bands through an entertainment agency. After all, when it comes to wedding bands Staffordshire is probably going to be home to quite few, right?

However, if you do find a function band on an entertainment agency website and request a quote from them, don’t be surprised if what comes back is really expensive – this is because you won’t just be paying the band but you will also be paying an additional commission to the agency.

Some brides and grooms are happy to do this, but if you like value for money, it’s better to hire your wedding band entertainment direct – which is why you’re here, right? HARD TO HANDLE BAND won’t charge you any commission. We won’t charge you any travel costs, VAT, accommodation or any other fees you might find mentioned in quotes you receive from other bands in Staffordshire for weddings.

We will just quote you one very competitive fee for 2 hours of classic music and chart hits (indie pop rock and more), wedding music based on your own tastes and those of your guests, plus a DJ performing live sets before, inbetween and after the band music, and sound system, lights and continuous entertainment from your first dance (which we’re happy to learn) right the way through until the end of the night.

Wedding band Staffordshire

Singing our hearts out

Hiring HARD TO HANDLE BAND for your Stafford wedding reception totally makes sense! Based locally, not only are we much more affordable than most other wedding bands in Staffordshire, we are a lot more entertaining.

We can also set up and soundcheck a lot more quickly and in smaller spaces than large Staffordshire wedding bands, which is great as some city centre venues don’t always have huge performances areas and also if your meal or speeches are running a little late, like wedding receptions often do!

As a 3 piece, we don’t rely on a single frontman or frontwoman to carry the show while largely anonymous backing musicians noodle away behind them – all three of us are versatile and experienced frontmen with big onstage personas, guaranteed to engage your guests and get them on the dancefloor.

You’ll find us singing our hearts out and jumping around on (and off) stage, creating a real visual spectacle, and the music we make sounds incredibly full, with the classic live band line up of guitar, bass and drums augmented with some keyboard parts, over which we layer multiple vocal harmonies. Many larger wedding bands and would struggle to keep up with us!

You will see and hear all of this in our videos. Once you have watched them, don’t forget to take a look at our impressive live band playlist of over 350+ songs of wedding music from the 1960s to the modern charts including rock indie pop rock n roll and more. In two hours of live music we pack in up to 34 songs, so there is plenty of opportunity for you to choose lots of your favourite songs, which you can either select from our playlist or choose your own songs for us to learn and play.

Ask each of your guests to choose a song for us to perform – it’s a great way of both getting them involved in the choice of music AND getting them on the dancefloor! Oh and by the way, ahead of your big day, we will liaise with you and your venue manager so that we know when to arrive, where to set up, and when to get the party started.

Working out all the logistics in advance means that everyone knows what’s happening, and it also means that you don’t have to stress about your wedding entertainment on the night. In fact, leave everything to us – relax and get on with the serious business of enjoying yourselves! 

Should I hire a band through an entertainment agency?

You can hire HARD TO HANDLE BAND direct here without any additional agency fees.

When most Google results for Staffordshire wedding bands display results showing wedding entertainment agency, for some brides and grooms there will be the temptation to go ahead and hire a wedding band through one of them. It’s understandable; it’s just the thing you do. But while it may give some a sense of security knowing that they live wedding bands through a large “trustworthy” business, one has to wonder why this situation is the case. Did you hire your wedding venue through an agency? Did you buy your wedding dress through and agency? Or your cake?

Of course not. So why should you hire Staffordshire wedding bands through a wedding entertainment agency? Just because these websites exist, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s something you should do. And HARD TO HANDLE are here to tell you that despite what they say, bands for hire agencies aren’t always the best way of hiring wedding bands or function bands. As long as you find a professional, reliable party band performing the right mix of music, wherever possible you should hire them direct. There are several reasons for this.

You will always pay more if you hire bands in Staffordshire through an entertainment agency, because agencies are run as businesses. When you sign a contract with a wedding agency, part of the total fee you pay is taken by the business in the form of a commission, which often means that the function band you have hired will be paid less than they are used to, and that’s not always recipe for creating happy musicians! So if you don’t want to pay more than you should, hire your wedding function band direct. 

Wedding band Staffordshire

If you are considering hiring wedding bands without the need of a wedding entertainment agency however, you should ensure that they can provide you with a professional level of service. Make sure that everything the function band say they will do for you on your big day is stipulated in a legally binding contract – how long they will play for, when they will finish, and any other ancillary services they have agreed to provide, such as lighting or DJ music. Make sure that there are no hidden charges or penalties for things like the function band having to start later than agreed because your speeches over run. It’s also worthwhile asking the band to commit to paper their contingency plan in case of illness.

When you hire HARD TO HANDLE BAND, the first thing we will do is provide you with a contract in order for you to review the services we offer. We like to think that this shows our level of professionalism and intention to provide you with a great live wedding music experience. You will also discover that we don’t charge any hidden costs – no agency commissions, no penalty fees, just a superb live band and DJ, with the band performing a set list of 2 hours of indie rock pop soul rock n roll and more (adjusted to suite your tastes) and non-stop music from your first dance until the end of the night, for the best live wedding music experience to keep you and your guests dancing !

If that sounds like the perfect Staffordshire wedding band service, get in touch! Call us on 0796 433 5657 or fill out the contact form below. We look forward to hearing from you.   

Hire Hard to Handle band in Staffordshire

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