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HARD TO HANDLE BAND have a fantastic reputation for providing versatile, high energy live music entertainment for functions in Stratford-upon-Avon and throughout Warwickshire. Around 100 clients choose us each year to bring the “wow” factor to their wedding reception, party or business function. We’re also the “go to” band for reputable entertainment agencies, but seeing as you have found us here, we’ll assume that you have done some research and have discovered that hiring a band direct is more cost effective than hiring through an agency. Are we right? Of course we are.

So, have you decided on the type of band you are looking for or are you comparing bands and what they offer? If you’re still at the comparing band stage, you may be of the opinion that HARD TO HANDLE BAND are a little different to many of the events bands you have found online. We’ll provide you with a free DJ – no need to hire a separate DJ. Also, we think it’s pretty obvious that as a three piece, our line up is different to larger bands who feature a brass section, backing singers and the chap who stands at the back playing various percussive things that you can’t quite hear… these kind of bands offer various packages, starting with the bare bones of a band (with a similarly thin and emaciated sound) and ranging through to the all singing, all dancing 28 piece band.

Why do they do this? Clearly they are trying to get you to blow your entire budget on entertainment. But there is a refreshing alternative. HARD TO HANDLE are much more affordable and we have a great full sound without the need to employ additional musicians. We play guitar, bass, drums and keyboards and our three musicians all sing, which means that every song we play sounds. We don’t play anything obscure, too slow or audience inappropriate, and in 2 hours of fast paced live band music we can perform up to 34 songs. Take a look at our playlist to get a flavour of our music – it’s surprisingly diverse and comprehensive (rock, pop, indie, soul and much more.)

Let’s get personal. One of the first things we do when speaking to brides, grooms and others who contact us is to ask them about their musical tastes. Quite often the answer is “oh, I like a bit of everything”. When we drill down a little more though we find that they’d either prefer more modern songs, or not as much soul, or even “please don’t play XXX song by this band” – which is absolutely fine by us! When you hire HARD TO HANDLE BAND we want to make sure that you are totally happy with the music we’re playing, so you get to choose your favourite songs. You can even ask each of your guests to request a song – personalising the live band sets is a great way to fill your dancefloor. Perfect!

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Get in touch! For enquiries or just to find out more about Hard to Handle band, fill in the form below. We aim to respond within 24 hours. If you haven’t heard from us by then, we may not have received your enquiry so please call us direct on 0796 433 5657.