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Hiring wedding bands in Worcestershire doesn’t have to be a stressful process – just call HARD TO HANDLE. Rock, indie, pop and more + free live DJ.When it comes to weddings bands Worcestershire seems boast a good selection; however on closer inspection, many of them to look and sound the same.

Not so HARD TO HANDLE BAND – we’re an authentic sounding professional wedding band with a massive repertoire of indie, rock, pop and more with a free DJ service! If you are looking for a Worcestershire wedding band, it’s worthwhile getting a quote from as many suitable wedding entertainment bands as you can.

Making that initial contact with bands for weddings in Worcestershire can feel somewhat daunting, especially if you don’t know whether the wedding entertainment you have found online will be within your budget. Fortunately, you have found HARD TO HANDLE:               

  • Professional three piece non-cheesy wedding band Worcestershire
  • Talented and experienced wedding musicians
  • Compact set up, perfect for small to midsized functions
  • Up to two hours of live music
  • 300+ song repertoire of rock, indie, pop, soul and more
  • Requests including your first dance performed by the band
  • Create your own playlist for us to perform live
  • Live DJ provided free of charge – no need to hire a separate DJ
  • Professional stage and dance floor lighting
  • Booking contract and public liability insurance supplied
  • Dedicated management for advice and tips on your evening
  • More cost effective than hiring a large events band
  • No agency commission fees
  • A full dance floor!
  • Performances at Curradine Barns, Gorcott Hall, Redhouse Barn, Stanbrook Abbey, Manor Hill House, The Mills Barns, Birtsmorton Court, Whitbourne Hall, Deer Park Hall, Old Castle Weddings, Brockencote Hall, The Woodnorton, Hogarths Stone Manor and other Worcestershire wedding venues

Quite often, bride and grooms can find that bands from Worcestershire fall into two categories – great music, broad repertoire, very entertaining but way too expensive, or within budget but sounding and looking a little unprofessional or not quite the Worcester wedding band you’re looking for.

It’s also easy to go down a rabbit hole of looking at too many local wedding bands, especially if you find an entertainment agency hosting hundreds of live bands on their site.                     

Wedding band Worcestershire entertainment

HARD TO HANDLE BAND are here to make your Worcestershire wedding band music search a little less stressful. Hire us to perform your wedding entertainment and we will take care of everything for you. Having performed at over 500 wedding receptions, parties and business events in Worcester and further afield, you can trust us to fill the dance floor with your guests all night.

That’s not an idle boast – we have a 5* Google rating from brides and grooms who have hired us for their wedding band Worcestershire entertainment and have very kindly reviewed us to let others know what they thought of our mix of wedding music.

The consensus is that our broad playlist of classic and contemporary music including indie, rock, pop and more plus the fact that we provide a live DJ free of charge is a winning combination, and they also love not having to hire an expensive band from Manchester or London – and let’s face it, that’s why you are searching for wedding bands from Worcester, right?

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Your favourite songs

So how do you go about hiring Worcestershire wedding entertainment? One of the problems with wedding bands in Worcestershire is that there appears to be too much choice – lots of bands and entertainment agencies trying to get your attention, luring you to click on their websites with talk of wedding bands who provide various packages and line ups to suit all budgets.

If you start looking without having decided in advance on the general style of wedding band you’re looking for, pretty soon it’s likely that you are going to become disheartened by the sheers volume of wedding bands, so it makes sense to think about what you want.

It’s best to start with making a list of your favourite songs and find bands who have them in their repertoire. Even better, if you can find videos or MP3s of them playing those songs, you will get an idea of whether you like their sound – do the songs they’re playing sound like the original versions?      

Guests on the dance floor

In our experience, the answer to that is often “no”. In an effort impress you with their musicianship, quite a few bands from Worcestershire will change the song significantly, adding guitar and drum solos in the belief that this will make you say “wow, look how well they play their instruments, let’s hire them!” In HARD TO HANDLE BAND we approach our music in a different way. The question we ask ourselves is “what will make your guests get onto the dance floor?”

The simple answer is to play songs that your guests will recognise straight away, which is why we play songs in the original style. Every song in our playlist is instantly recognisable and designed to get you and your guests on the dance floor as quickly as possible and keep you there until the end of the night. It’s a simple approach but very effective, you as you will see from the hundreds of performance photos on our Facebook page.


Experienced musicians

Another really good way for a Worcestershire wedding band creating a full dance floor is to just perform music that you and your guests want to hear. Quite often Worcestershire wedding bands will post their repertoire online.

It may feature 150 or so songs, and while some of them are the type of songs you might imagine you and your invitees dancing to, some of them may be definite “no thanks” songs for you – you might find them too obscure, too cheesy or just not appropriate for the vibe you are hoping to create.

So then you have to ask the band if they will change their setlist on the night to just include your favourite songs and exclude the songs you would prefer them not to play.

The bands’ response to this can be quite telling – if they tell you that they have one setlist which works well and everyone usually dances to all of their songs and they are experienced musicians and you’re not, our advice would be to walk away and find a band who are happy to create a playlist that just reflects your tastes. You shouldn’t have to compromise on your Worcestershire wedding band entertainment!          

Wedding band Worcestershire

Your own personalised playlist

Fortunately, HARD TO HANDLE BAND are happy to work with you to create a playlist featuring your favourite songs. We welcome your input, as you know your friends, family and loved ones and you’re more likely to know the music they’ll want to dance to.

With this in mind, a great way of pleasing all of your guests is to get them to suggest a song for us to play when you send out your RSVPs – it gets them involved and then we can start assembling your own personalised playlist to be played live by the band on the night.

When you do hire HARD TO HANDLE BAND, you can also be safe in the knowledge that as experienced professional musicians, we also have the talent to read the mood of the room and change songs around to ensure that the party atmosphere continues until the end of the night. We believe we have all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle in place to entertain you.

Hiring us direct

How does having a live DJ included in the nights’ entertainment, free of charge sound? While you might find that other Worcestershire wedding bands and entertainment agencies us this as a “bolt on” to get you to spend more money than you were hoping to, we supply our live DJ service for free with every booking made direct via our website.

Having a separate DJ and band can create problems, especially if your wedding venue isn’t cavernous and you have hired a large events band, but hiring HARD TO HANDLE BAND saves money, and it also saves space, instead of a separate DJ vying with the band for the premium set up place in the performance room, as our DJ patches his decks into our top of the range sound and lighting system, meaning there’s more space for your guests to get on the dance floor.

And hiring us direct instead of going through of an entertainment agency also means that you won’t have to pay any agency fees or commissions, which has good to be good news, right? For news, music and more information or just an informal chat about hiring us for your event, please contact HARD TO HANDLE BAND direct.

Hire Hard to Handle band in Worcestershire

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