New years’ eve wedding band reaction!

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Wedding receptions are always going to require a lot of planning. And so are new years’ eve celebrations. So why not combine both into one big party? There’s a growing trend for hosting your nuptials on new years’ eve, and it totally make sense – on what other night are you guaranteed to have all of your guests, friends, family and loved ones in a party mood? They’ll eat, drink and make merry, and if you do discover the energy levels of some of them flagging, all you have to do is say “cheer up – it’s new years’ eve!” Emotional blackmail is totally acceptable in this instance. Also, in years to come, your friends may not remember how they spent some of their 31st Decembers, but they’ll definitely remember the night they attended your wedding reception.

The downside is of course that everyone will be relying on your organisational skills to ensure that their end-of-year party goes with a bang. So the pressure is on you – not only will you have to ensure that you go through the normal planning process for your wedding ceremony, but you will also have to pay particular attention to your evening, endeavouring to make sure that your guests are well fed and watered and that the time from which your wedding breakfast starts until the end of one year and the start of the next is filled with entertainment, with no embarrassing and awkward blanks in the itinerary which might allow a palpable drop in energy levels; because when the mood of the party drops, unless you are an expert at “working the room” it can be difficult to get that party mood going again. In short, combining your wedding reception with a new years’ eve party isn’t for the fainthearted.

Katie and Max were feeling brave, however. They decided that new years’ eve at the lovely Wood Norton Hotel in Evesham, Worcestershire was the perfect time to throw their wedding reception party! With the venue hired and guests invited, they turned their attention to the all-important evening entertainment. Fortunately, one of their friends recommended HARD TO HANDLE BAND. Having performed at their wedding, they were certain that we were the best live band for Katie and Max and their high standards. The friend remembered that we were masters of working the room, engaging with all of their guests and playing dance floor-friendly live music. So bride and groom did exactly what you are doing right now – they visited our website, watched our videos, listened to our music and looked through our eclectic and expansive playlist of classic and contemporary songs.

Katie made the call to us, telling us that she and Max loved our performance energy and could see that we would play something for everyone. Best of all, they loved the fact that we provide everything – lots of live band playing time, a sound system, lighting AND a live DJ at a very competitive fee without offering the endless “packages” that many bands use to get clients to spend more money than they were hoping to, blowing their entertainment budget out of the water. They agreed to hire us there and then, so we drafted up a contract, and when it was signed and a small deposit paid, we were all booked in and looking forward to sharing the bride and grooms’ wedding / new years’ eve party.

On the day in question, we arrived at the venue early and waited for the conclusion of the wedding breakfast and speeches, after which the venue staff ushered guests into an ante room in preparation for clearing the main room of tables and chairs. At this point we starting setting up our equipment, then performed a brief soundcheck and our DJ then got the party started for guests, prior to us calling Katie and Max onto the dance floor for their first dance – George Ezras’ “Hold my girl”, a special request which Katie had asked us to learn and perform in advance, which we did, and sounded great! We then proceeded to perform over two hours of rock, indie, pop, soul and more; and of course because it was new years’ eve, we provided the countdown to midnight, played Auld Lang Syne and carried on the party by getting back on stage and delivering another live set into 2022.

Here’s what Max and Katie thought of our performance:

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New years’ eve wedding band reaction!