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Zombie wedding bands

Beware the zombie band. The zombie band lurks on the internet in a state of limbo, just alive enough for Google and other search engines to register its’ presence, but not alive enough to provide you with a useful interaction in your search for wedding band entertainment. Zombie bands are musicians who may or may not still be active, gigging at wedding receptions, parties and other functions around the UK. You won’t know for certain, because although their website is still up and running and features a contact form, phone number or email address to enable you to request a quote, dig a little deeper and you may develop the sneaking suspicion that all is not well with the band.

There are telltale signs. The bands’ playlist may not appear to include any songs released since 2010. Now this may mean that in their estimation there are no songs released since 2010 that are worthy for inclusion in their repertoire (which in itself is a not a good sign).  But it may also mean that nobody has updated the playlist. Similarly, the bands’ last blog or news section may hint at some new and interesting upcoming song recordings or gig news, but as that last blog was over a year ago, you would have to conclude that something has gone wrong. The life may have seeped out of the zombie band!

Of course, if you do receive a timely reply to your quote request, you might discover that there is a perfectly simple reason why the bands’ website is not current and has not been updated for several months / years – the band leader may tell you that they no longer have access to the website, or that they have been so busy that they haven’t had the chance to add any new content, or that there is some other technical issue preventing them from uploading news items, new song recordings, etc.

Worst case scenario, you will never hear back from the band – you won’t receive an email, a voicemail or reply to your text. If this occurs, you’re probably going to assume that either the band is already booked on the date you mentioned when you got in touch and they just can’t be bothered to reply, or there’s a problem with their website / email / phone. Either way, you’re likely to have received communication from other bands who have taken the time to get back in touch with you and simply disregard the zombie band.

There may have been something about zombie band that you really liked, however – either the sound of the singer or the way they presented themselves in their video.  Something makes you feel disappointed that they couldn’t be bothered to get back to you. Fortunately, this is where social media comes to the rescue. Wedding bands have websites but they also have Facebook, and music finding bands for weddings who advertise their services on Facebook can often be a revelation, because this social media platform is easier to update than websites. Finding the zombie band on Facebook might show that they have decided to update their content – new songs, new videos, new information – on their profile page. You may even see interaction with other brides and grooms with positive reviews and photos of guests on the dance floor, enjoying themselves. Hurrah!

Not so fast. Even though the band may be active on Facebook, as a wedding service provider they have a duty to maintain ALL of their advertising platforms – anything else is simply unprofessional. You may however also find out exactly why they haven’t updated their website. Poor reviews, arguments between band members, leading to the band splitting up. Well at least you know what happened. It’s just a shame that they didn’t delete their website and instead chose to lurk around the internet like a zombie, drawing in unsuspecting brides and grooms before ghosting them.

The best way to avoid a zombie band is to do your homework. If you find a band you do like, take a look at their website content, but also social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to find out if they are active. Of course, with 2020 being what it is, all wedding bands and party bands are in a state of limbo and unable to perform due to Covid-19 restrictions. But Coronavirus shouldn’t prevent a band for weddings providing useful content such as an updated playlist or reviews.

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HARD TO HANDLE BAND are still here. We’re beavering away, learning new songs and updating our website and social media platforms and responding to brides and grooms who are making enquiries for their 2021 and 2022 wedding receptions. We want you to know that when normality returns to UK life and wedding parties recommence, we will still be a band you can trust to get your guests and the dance floor and keep them there all night. So with that in mind, contact us direct. We look forward to hearing from you!