Wedding band music new songs / wedding band hire 2021 and 2022


Wedding band music

Wedding band music new songs / wedding band hire 2021 and 2022

Thanks to our new best friends Covid-19 and the UK government, we may not currently be allowed to gig, but we have been busy. When guidelines have allowed, we have been (social distance) rehearsing and have added fresh new songs to our repertoire. And though we probably won’t be able to perform them until Coronavirus restrictions are lifted and the wedding industry restarts, the new songs are in the bag and sounding great, so once you have hired HARD TO HANDLE BAND to perform at your wedding reception, and you and your guests are on the dance floor, you can request any of the songs below and be reminded of all the good times you had in 2020. Er…

  • Watermelon sugar – Harry Styles
  • Dua Lipa – Don’t start now
  • Miley Cyrus – Midnight sky
  • Rain on me – Lady Gaga / Ariana Grande
  • Blinding lights – The Weeknd


So, it’s October 2020 and we are all still in limbo. Brides and grooms can’t hold wedding receptions, venues can’t host wedding parties, and weddings bands such as HARD TO HANDLE can’t perform. While some in the wedding industry attempting to find new and innovative ways to provide services to potential clients, our philosophy is that there’s is little point trying to work our new ways of reinventing the wheel when circumstances may change with very little notice. We can really only say two things with any degree of certainly:

  • Wedding entertainment in the form of live wedding bands music currently prohibited.
  • This will not last forever.


If you have just gotten engaged and re thinking about planning your wedding reception, it may feel like you have a mountain of red tape and uncertainty in front of you – how can you hire a wedding venue if you don’t know when you will be allowed to hold your wedding reception? How can you pay a deposit to a wedding service provider if you don’t know if they will be able to perform their service in the near future? While these are all relevant questions, let’s look at the bigger picture – what we do know is that life is getting back to normal in other countries which have been more successful tackling Coronavirus. Free movement of people has returned. Jobs have returned. Weddings are taking place. Of course, these countries are still on alert should the virus make a return, but life is continuing.

And normality will return to the UK. With this in mind, brides and grooms who had chosen HARD TO HANDLE BAND for wedding entertainment at their 2020 wedding receptions have rescheduled their big day to 2021. Couples who are planning their wedding reception are hiring us for their 2021 and 2022 wedding. This is all still happening, so our advice is to make a start now and ask us to provide a quote and hire us to be your wedding band. Here’s what we offer:

  • Three piece professional function band, perfect for small to midsized wedding venues
  • Massive 350+ song repertoire
  • 2 hours of live wedding band music – rock, pop, indie and more
  • Live DJ playing before, inbetween and after band sets, free of charge
  • Create your own playlist! Choose songs from our repertoire or ask us to learn your favourite songs (including your first dance)
  • 100% live, no backing tracks or extra musicians needed
  • Sound system and lights included
  • Additional drinks reception acoustic sets option available
  • Fully insured
  • 5 * Google review rating
  • More cost effective than a large party band
  • Quick on-the-day set up (no need to wait hours before the party starts)
  • Non-stop music all night
  • Contract for stress-free booking
  • Hire us direct; no entertainment agency fees
  • A full dance floor!

We think that’s everything you’ll need for a great nights’ wedding entertainment. Take a look at our videos, check out our playlist and read our reviews (from real brides and grooms) and let’s talk about your 2021 / 2022 party!